Have you imagined leaving a dental clinic for a cup of “ca phe vot” (sifted coffee) that has lived for over half a century, or a dish of “bun cha” that serves you a feast of flavors in just one bite? It’s completely possible as you will have tasted all those specialities of Hanoi by the time you are a dental tourist of Navii Dental Care. 

Dental tourism

Dental tourism (dental vacation) is a 2-in-1 service that is gaining in popularity in medical tourism sector. This distinctive holiday is cut out for individuals who seek high-quality dental care outside of their local healthcare systems, in the form of a vacation. 

What makes dental tourism brilliant is that tourists can receive a much lower price tag for top dental services and put their feet up and unwind in a destination simultaneously. Noticeably, Vietnam, which is a small South-East-Asian countries, is listed as one of the best locations for dental tourism in Asia. Located in the heart of the capital Hanoi, along with over 20 years of operations, Navii Dental Care is among the first offices to provide dental tourism to take care of not only Vietnamese smiles, but smiles all around the world. 

This blog will explain why Vietnam is a dark horse in dental tourism:

  • What services are available in dental tourism? 
  • Why get Vietnam Dental Tourism?

1.What services are available in dental tourism? 

dental tourism
Dental services

Undoubtedly, there are two parts of the dental tourism: a dental treatment and an optional travel package.  

First, the most common treatments people get with dental tourism are:

  • Dental crowns: these are tooth caps that either restore damaged teeth or beautify the appearance of the smile. The entire treatment is performed in no more than 3 days. 
  • Dental bridges: these keep fake teeth in place by forming a bridge across the gap left by the missing tooth, using the natural teeth on either side as supports. This treatment requires a duration of 2-3 days.
  • Root canal: this service involves removing the infected pulp within a tooth completely, followed by cleaning, filling and sealing the space. Then you’ll usually get a crown on top of that. The whole process also takes 2-3 days to finish. 
  • Dental veneers: these are a thin materials that attach to the front of your teeth as aesthetic enhancers. This service usually takes 2 days. 
  • All-on-4/6 Implant: this is the most expensive service and therefore heeded by dental tourists. This treatment is used to restore many missing teeth by inserting 4 or 6 dental implants into the jawline, which support a porcelain bridge on top. The entire treatment usually lasts from 4 to 6 months, however, the implant and fake dentures application are completed just in 3 hours . A 3-hour surgery seems too long to withstand. Is it possible to reduce its length by half? The answer is “Yes!” if you book at appointment with Dr. Thai Hoa at Navii Dental Care.

Second, a tour package will be offered upon your treatment by a dental office. Reputable clinics often collaborate with professional travel agents and often give patients discount offers and other benefits. With such packages, patients are ensured not to have any worries, even the departure procedures at the airport. For the last 5 years, Navii Dental Care has succeeded in dental tourism and welcomed growing number of bookings, namely from Australian nationalities whose dental services tend to exceed their budgets. Navii Dental Care is fully confident in our resourcefulness, professionalism and infinite improvement to help promote dental tourism in Vietnam. 

2.Why get Vietnam Dental Tourism?

Vietnam Dental Tourism

Dental tourism is growing in Asian countries owing to their rich culture, high safety, yet low costs of living. These countries usually house internationally standardized dental centers in the capital and big cities. 

According to the Authority Dental (2018), “a person can save up to 70% by getting dental work in another country, and that includes travel, lodging, and the actual treatment.” Vietnam is renowned for amazing natural beauty, cultural diversity and is among one of the lowest costs provided concerning dental care. Now, let’s make some comparisons to help you decide which country to touch down.

Dental services


The Philippines  Thailand India  Vietnam 
Dental crowns 






Root canal treatment 







$1900 $1000  $1800 



The first table solely compares the prices of dental services in 5 most potential locations in Asia, including Vietnam, The Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and India. Unsurprisingly, Vietnam offers the lowest price tags overall, whereas Malaysia provides high-priced services, particularly dental implant. 


Language Visa policy  Attraction 



Every dentist who wants to practice in this country must receive registration from The Malaysian Dental Council each year.

English is decently spoken  Visa exemptions available for a few countries  Famous for parks, forests

Flexible means of transport; standard accommodations 

The Philippines 

Dental tourism is gaining in popularity 

Most people speak English  Visa exemptions if less than 22 days  Famous for beaches, islands 

Unique cheap Tricyle; numerous homestays, hostels 


Among the top- notch; Accredited by the Joint Commission International; modern technology 

Good English-speaking dentists  Many visa exemptions  Beautiful parks, beaches, luxurious architectures 

Many flights and methods of transportation, standard accommodations 


Dentists certified by world authorized organisations; updated machinery,equipment & technology; skilled personnel 

English is widely spoken  Travel visa are quickly processed and released   Lots of attractions include beaches, mountains, villages, markets, etc 

Numerous selections regarding prices, location, purpose and standard.


The second table summarizes basic information about the travel aspect that tourists should know before making the decision. Despite the fact that dental tourism is highly appreciated in Thailand, other countries are also worth considering, especially for keen travelers whose vacations are as valuable as their dental health. If you are a nature lover, Malaysia or Vietnam will not disappoint you!  


Dental tourism can be a smart option in terms of service’s quality and finance. Yet, it requires thorough planning and preparation to avoid extra spending or unwanted situations when experiencing a new culture and medical system. It is why Navii Dental Care is intended to partake with you during your time in Vietnam to meet your requirements and most importantly, your satisfaction. 




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