Wisdom teeth extraction is a minor dental surgery that most of us have to go through in our 20s. With many advantages, coming to Vietnam to get our teeth extracted can be a great option.

1. How much does wisdom teeth extraction cost?

The cost of wisdom teeth extraction depends on many factors such as complexity of the surgery, position of the teeth, number of roots, doctor’s skills, dental facilities, etc. Below are the main factors that determine the cost for wisdom teeth extraction:
X-Ray of wisdom teeth
X-Ray of wisdom teeth
  • Position of wisdom teeth: The deeper the teeth lie, the more difficult it is to put the tools in to perform the surgery; the process would be more complicated and take more time.
  • Wisdom teeth eruption angle: Those wisdom teeth, which have little space to grow, tend to grow obliquely, or even at a vertical angle towards the second molar. In that case, to get the entire root is not easy.
  • Teeth form: with deviated wisdom teeth, there are many states such as too big or curved root. So, wisdom teeth extraction requires the patience and carefulness of the dentist to get the best result.
  • Complications of impacted wisdom teeth: When the wisdom teeth of the upper or lower jaw erupt, they can cause numerous complications such as swelling, pain, damages to the second molar, and cyst formation. All these symptoms will need to be treated in time or they will lead to a much bigger problem, tooth loss.
Simple wisdom teeth can be extracted easily with standard tooth extraction tools. But for crooked, oblique and irregular teeth, it is necessary to prepare more tools and modern equipment. Piezotome Ultrasound machine is an excellent support for doctors in these cases, helping to minimize pain and harmful harm to molars to the maximum extent.In addition, the extraction of lower wisdom teeth requires higher technology and precision than the extraction of the upper wisdom teeth. Especially for wisdom teeth at a challenging level, the doctor must have a lot of experience and advanced study in surgery so that the extraction of teeth can take place smoothly and quickly.
A wisdom tooth extracted at Navii Dental Care
Most of the upper wisdom teeth are not difficult to extract because they often grow toward the cheek and the upper jaw structure is more spongy than the lower jaw, so taking the upper wisdom teeth out is often simpler than in the lower jaw. Therefore, the lower wisdom teeth extraction cost is usually higher than the price of the upper wisdom teeth extraction.Depending on the condition of the teeth, the cost of extracted wisdom teeth will be different. Along with that, service quality and skills of doctors are also factors that determine the cost of wisdom tooth extraction surgeries. Reputable dental sites often have higher prices, ranging from 75 USD to 150 USD.
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2. So why come to Vietnam to get your wisdom teeth extracted?

First of all, in Navii Dental Care, you don’t have to worry about the facilities because we are equipped with a variety of modern machines, applications for examination and extracting wisdom teeth. More importantly, all dental experts in our team are well trained from top-notch institutions in the world. Dr. Thi Thai Hoa LE, our Head Doctor, is one of the leading experts in the field of dentistry in Vietnam, with more than 13 years of working experience. You can be assured that you’re placed in good hands in Navii Dental Care.

Secondly, considering the economic issue, with all the advantages that we just mentioned, the cost of a wisdom tooth removal in our dental center only varies from 75 to 150 USD. Meanwhile, the same surgery in Australia would cost up to 220 to 450 USD, and 200 to 500 USD in Singapore, for complex cases.

And finally, if you come to Vietnam for dental tourism, you will have a chance to experience a unique culture, spectacular landscapes and fantastic gastronomy. Vietnam has been an emerging tourist destination that receives nearly 20 million visits per year. Interestingly, the development of Vietnam Dental Tourism has added significantly to this record and Navii Dental Care is proud of being one of the first dental offices to operate dental tourism in Vietnam.

Ha Long bay dental tourism vietnam
Ha Long Bay – the famous destination that attracts almost every tourist who comes to Vietnam
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