The best whitening address in Vietnam is a question that many people ask before deciding to perform whitening. By a prestigious teeth whitening address will bring you a beautiful, long and safe bright teeth. A reputable whitening address in Vietnam needs to meet the following criteria:

Modern whitening technology

One of the necessary criteria for a dentist to become the best whitening address in Vietnam is the use of safe and modern technology. The application of new technology not only brings high efficiency but also ensures safety and saves time. Currently, there are many types of whitening technology, especially the most modern technology is laser whitening technology.

The best whitening address in Vietnam

Whiten your teeth with Laser Whitening technology

Laser tooth whitening technology is being applied at Navii dentistry. This whitening method is certified by the French Dental Association for quality. Ensure effective and safe for the body.

Laser Whitening works based on a combination of whitening gel and soft blue laser light. Will quickly break down the chemical bonds inside the teeth. Effectively removes the yellow protein chains, returning the whiteness to the teeth. After only about 45 minutes, you already own a bright, colorful teeth from the inside out.

Whiten your teeth with Laser Whitening technology

Material whitening safe teeth with humans

In addition to safe and modern whitening technology, the best whitening address in Vietnam also needs to ensure a modern system of facilities and equipment. You can trust a reputable teeth whitening address when they have the application and technology transfer directly from the leading countries of cosmetic dental technology: the United States, Germany. Modern machinery and sterile standards will help the whitening process to be uniform, accurate and safe.

the best whitening address in Vietnam also needs to ensure a modern system of facilities and equipment

Highly qualified doctors

Doctors experienced significant contributions in the treatment of teeth whitening. At the same time, it also shows whether this is a good whitening address or not. Because bleaching is a basic dental service, only a good doctor can examine and advise you about the most specific way for oral health. From there give a thorough treatment before bleaching. At the same time, a good doctor will also be the one to give the bleaching method with the concentration to achieve the highest aesthetic effect.

The best whitening address in Vietnam

The best place to whiten in Vietnam is always a question for foreign visitors. If you are traveling in Hanoi, you can perform whitening at Navii Dental Center at 42 Cua Dong, Hoan Kiem District and 36 Hoa Ma, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi.

Coming to Navii Dental, you will enjoy safe and modern whitening technology. System of facilities, modern equipment, aseptic standards. At the same time, the medical team has over 10 years of experience in the dental field. Ensuring accuracy, efficiency and safety.

In addition, after bleaching, you will enjoy care and whitening regime for 1 week. The effectiveness of Navii dental whitening has been proven in thousands of cases of whitening.

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