Wisdom tooth extraction is a difficult technique, especially in cases of incorrect teeth. Therefore, finding the best smart tooth extraction address for people in Vietnam will help patients get successful and safe extraction results. So, the best wisdom tooth extraction address in Vietnam ? Take a look at our article below:

I. Criteria for evaluating the best wisdom tooth extraction address in Vietnam

Wisdom teeth are the last protruding teeth, late after all the teeth, so it often happens that the teeth grow out of place, grow in the wrong place, grow underground because there is not enough space. Wisdom tooth extraction is the best solution that experts and dentists recommend to people who use it to avoid negative effects on oral health.

The best wisdom tooth extraction address in Vietnam

Compared to other teeth, wisdom tooth extraction is a difficult technique, requiring good manipulation, accuracy and safety. Therefore, the selection of good quality dentistry in Vietnam NAm is very important. This will help you feel more secure during treatment

To help you easily find and choose a high-class wisdom tooth extraction address for foreigners, please rate based on the following criteria:

– Doctors perform: Tooth extraction is a basic technique in dentistry but a wisdom tooth extraction is a difficult technique, especially in cases of uneven or underground teeth. Poorly experienced and skilled young doctors will find it difficult to ensure safe and easy tooth extraction, causing injuries, aches and pains and dangerous complications. Therefore, the most important criterion that you need to keep in mind if you want to know where wisdom tooth extraction is good, is to choose dentistry with good professional doctors, solid skills and experience.

– Tooth extraction equipment: Wisdom tooth extraction is a minor surgery, so it is necessary to have adequate equipment, have a camera and identify and analyze a specific tooth condition. An address of wisdom tooth removal tools, machinery or the use of outdated, outdated equipment, you should consider when choosing.

– Implementation process: The extraction of wisdom teeth should ensure aseptic factors, avoid infection, follow the correct procedure to avoid errors or complications. In case of safe extraction of wisdom teeth, procedures must be well implemented.

Dental addresses with modern assistive devices in Vietnam

II. Navii Clinic – The best wisdom tooth extraction address in Vietnam

Many foreign customers have come to Navii Dental to remove wisdom teeth. Customers and patients will not have to worry about where the wisdom tooth extraction is, because Navii Dental Care is completely capable of performing well, including difficult and complicated wisdom tooth extraction.

Direct examination, counseling and wisdom tooth extraction for customers, patients are experienced team of doctors, good professional qualifications, practice certificates, solid workmanship. Many doctors have received professional and intensive training to create major hospitals around the world.

Navii Dental is equipped with many modern machines, applications for checking and extracting wisdom teeth. Customers will get a Panorex X-ray to determine the exact location of wisdom teeth, shape, means of teeth and nerves, blood vessels around teeth. Film data will be analyzed in 3D software to assist doctors effectively when wisdom teeth are extracted.

Bác sĩ Lê Thị Thái Hòa - 20 năm kinh nghiệm trong lĩnh vực nha khoa
Bác sĩ Lê Thị Thái Hòa – 20 năm kinh nghiệm trong lĩnh vực nha khoa

With strong workmanship and many tools, supportive devices and smart tooth extraction at Navii Dental Clinic, it is effectively implemented, minimizing complications, quick and thorough extraction of teeth, less damage and bleeding, stain. love. cover quickly.

The wisdom tooth extraction process focuses on aseptic factors, to avoid cross infection and infection. Each customer will use a separate dental room, with modern dental chairs, using their own kits.

Before the extraction, the client is anesthetized so there is absolutely no discomfort or pain during the procedure. After the extraction, the doctor will guide and carefully guide how to relieve pain, dental care, prescription drugs for patients to use at home.

Come to Navii Dental Care to wisdom teeth extraction, foreign customers will be satisfied with professional service, enthusiastic, thoughtful staff. System of dental rooms is luxurious, comfortable and clean. Reasonable and transparent pricing policy.

With the above sharing, it will help answer concerns about the best wisdom tooth extraction address in Vietnam. Make arrangements to visit your dentist soon. With good competence in both expertise and technology, Navii Dental is a safe, painless and effective wisdom tooth extraction site that you can choose safely.

III. Contact information

42 Cua Dong, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi

Tel: 024.3747.8292

Work time: Monday – Saturday

36 Hoa Ma, Hai Ba Trung, Ha Noi

Tel: 024.3633.1897

Work time: Tuesday – Sunday

Open Hours: 8:30-12:00, 13:30-18:00

Email: c.service@navii.vn

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