Sterile system

Medical sterile equipment directly affects the safety of the Customer. Therefore, our top priority is to sterilize medical instruments and equipment, and ensure a safe healing environment.

☑️ Classification: Once used, dental instruments are classified.

☑️ Sterilization: Each individual tool is cleaned and then disinfected with the BIOSONIC UC300 ultrasonic vibrator.

☑️ Packing: The tools will be brought to the MELAseal 100+ machine combined with a sterilized autoclave bag to be packed into separate packages, glued and labeled (sterilization date / expiration date). The sterile autoclave ensures sterility for medical and surgical instruments.

☑️ Autoclave: Using the SIRONA DAC UNIVERSAL hand steamer for the hand drill, the SIRONA DAC PREMIUM autoclave is used for the rest of the tools to eliminate bacteria thoroughly.

☑️ Storage: After being sterile, all kinds of medical instruments are kept separately in a sterile cabinet, meeting strict international aseptic standards.

☑️ Tools that do not meet the permitted standards will be immediately destroyed and replaced with new tools.

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The infrastructure

With 2 facilities 42 Cua Dong and 36 Hoa Ma, the medical equipment system at Navii Dental Care is considered the most luxurious and modern in Hanoi.