Dental braces are the most affordable and effective orthodontic method worldwide to correct crowded, misaligned teeth and malocclusion,… However, apart from their lengthy process, they also cause some common fears: pain, time-wasting or appearance-lowering. Eliminating all these disadvantages, 6-month braces (6M braces) are the ultimate choice for patients exclusively provided by Navii Dental Care. 

This blog will explain why 6-month Braces Are Your Ultimate Resolution:

  • What are 6M braces?
  • 4 keys advantages of the 6M braces 
  • Still hesitate? Let me show you a detailed comparison between the 6M braces and other common treatments
  • What clinic should you go to? 

1.What are 6M braces?

6M braces are the latest form of traditional/metal braces used for orthodontic care. They can be applied to all cases, even the most complicated ones. What makes 6M braces greater than other orthodontic methods, is the breakneck length of only 6 months, which is 4 times faster than the traditional braces. This newest method requires much expertise as well as radical equipment for the best results. With many years of excellent performances and continuous improvement, Navii Dental Care has been one of the leading dental centers in the capital of Vietnam, whose mission is to take care of Vietnamese smiles and to promote the competence of Vietnamese dentistry at the international scale.  

2.Here are 4 key advantages of the 6M braces:

6m braces

      2.1. Ultimizes orthodontic functions 

Using one of the latest technicalities of prosthetic dentistry, the 6M braces rationalize all functions of metal orthodontic treatments, ensuring patients will have healthily aligned teeth. 

       2.2. Minimizes treatment length

One of the greatest minors of most orthodontic treatments is lengthy duration, ranging from 1.5 to 3 years, along with monthly follow-up visits. However, the 6M braces successfully compress the entire treatment up to 4 times faster, within 6 months’ time to 1 year’ time. 

       2.3.  Affordable prices

Despite many advantages, the 6 months braces offer patients reasonable prices between 25 million and 40 million VND per arch that bring about far more durability and save much more time compared to Invisalign treatment of the same price level.

        2.4. Full-packaged treatment 

Patients will receive a comprehensive treatment following these procedures:

1) Analysing X-ray or 3D CT images;

2) Developing a treatment plan;

3) Putting the braces on with follow-up visits every two weeks;

4) Completing the procedure and removing the braces;

5) Evaluating and developing post-treatment caring plan. 

3.Still hesitate? Let me show you a detailed comparison between the 6M braces and other common treatments. 


Porcelain Crowns Lingual Braces  Invisalign  6M Bracces 
Treatment duration 1-3 years 2-3 years 2-3 years 6 months-1 year
Aesthetics  Great  Good Good Average
Eating ability High Low High  Low
Quality of dental restoration High Low Low  Low
Tooth preservation  Low  High High High
Ability to treat difficult cases (severe misalign- ment or malocclusion) Low Very high High Very high

200-370 usd

per tooth

2500-3500 USD per arch 1700-2600 USD per arch 1000-1700 USD per arch 


4.What clinic should you go to?  

6m braces

A great number of dental clinics in Hanoi make you question about our reliability. However, Navii Dental Care is always confident to be your partner. 

  1. Our sterile rooms were built according to international dental standards. They prevent all risks of infection or cross infection and provide a safe environment for both patients and doctors. 
  2. We use the latest dental imaging technologies in order to enhance the quality of our services. In certain cases, our doctors can provide customers with an expected treatment outcome.
  3. All kinds of health issues can be treated quickly and effectively, and patients can greatly recover from previous unsuccessful treatments at Navii. 
  4. Our large team of doctors are always available to support and give advice to customers. We strive to provide the best conditions for our patients, especially those who live far away or abroad.
  5. We always protect the privacy of our customers and respect their religious and cultural beliefs.
  6. Our clinics lie in the heart of the capital Hanoi that are easy to visit. We are open and welcome native and foreigners even on Saturday, at 42 Cua Dong and on Sunday, at 36 Hoa Ma. 
  7. We offer dental tourists an all-inclusive package that includes flights, accommodation, restaurants, tours, and many other services.


Trusting Navii Dental Care, we ascertain to provide patients with top-quality products and services before, during and after the treatment. Our clinics possess the most modern machinery and equipment in Hanoi and collaborate with accomplished doctors whose experience is over 20 years. At our internationally standardized clinics, patients’ trust and satisfaction are always our top priority.

Book an appointment at Navii Dental Care right now to own our exclusive premiums and smile all your fears away with 6M braces



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