1. The price of wisdom tooth extraction?
Wisdom tooth extraction is considered a minor surgery of the dental industry. Unlike extraction of other types of teeth, wisdom teeth are said to be quite complex, requiring the doctor to be highly skilled, having a deep understanding of the eruption directions of wisdom teeth, to ensure the extraction process safe and end well. Therefore, the time for a wisdom tooth extraction is usually longer and the cost is higher than conventional extraction.

How much wisdom tooth extraction costs, will depend on factors such as the complexity of the tooth structure, eruption position, the price list of each dentistry, etc. The cost of wisdom teeth extraction usually ranges from 75 USD to 150 USD. You can refer to the detailed price list for tooth extraction below:

Tooth extraction – Minor surgery Cost
Upper wisdom teeth – level 1 75 USD / tooth
Upper wisdom teeth – level 2 100 USD / tooth
Upper wisdom teeth – level 3 125 USD / tooth
Lower wisdom teeth – level 1 100 USD / tooth
Lower wisdom teeth – level 2 125 USD / tooth
Lower wisdom teeth – level 3 150 USD / tooth

Cheap or expensive wisdom tooth extraction depends on the condition of your teeth, the price policy of each dentistry because each dental center has a certain price list. That price will be based on several factors such as facilities, technology, quality of doctors and accompanying services (re-examination, warranty, etc.). Currently, at reputable dental facilities, there is not much difference in the cost of wisdom tooth extraction.

2. How is the wisdom tooth extraction process like?
The wisdom tooth extraction process includes basic steps such as:

Step 1: Examination and consultation

Before the wisdom tooth is extracted, the doctor will examine and check the patient’s dental situation. If the patient is suffering from dental diseases such as periodontitis, tooth decay (tooth number 7) … then the doctor will treat it first. Then, the patient will be X-rayed on the spot to determine the position and condition to give the most accurate direction of extraction.

Step 2: Oral hygiene

Patients will be rinsed clean with a dedicated mouthwash to remove any remaining plaque and food. After that, the doctor will disinfect the tooth area that needs to be extracted to remove bacteria, avoiding inflammation during and after tooth extraction.

Step 3: Anesthetic injection

To reduce the pain of the patient during the extraction, the doctor will inject an anesthetic into the area of ​​the tooth to be extracted.

Step 4: Extraction of teeth

Wisdom tooth extraction at Navii Dental Care is done by a modern and state-of-the-art machinery system to help the extraction process take place quickly and ensure the health of the patient.

The wisdom tooth minor surgery time depends on the difficulty of the tooth, and usually takes about 20 to 30 minutes on average. In addition, the doctor can remove 1, 2 or 3 teeth at a time, depending on the severity of the wisdom tooth and the patient’s health.

Step 5: Prescribing medicine, cutting thread and instructing

To reduce the pain after the anesthetic dissolves for the patient, the doctor will prescribe a number of pain relievers to assist as well as advise on hygiene and eating. After about 1 week, the doctor will schedule a thread removal (if any) and check the healing status again.

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