Banana Peel Teeth Whitening – Simple Instructions from A to Z

Among the many ways to whiten teeth at home, banana peel teeth whitening is highly appreciated because of savings, safety and effectiveness. Let’s read the article below to understand details about this beauty method.

1/ Does banana peel teeth whitening work?

There are reasons why people whiten their teeth with banana peels.  According to published researches, the ripe banana peel that you still throw away every day contains a large amount of potassium – this substance has the ability to dislodge plaque and whiten teeth effectively when light grinding.

Using banana peel is among the most natural and popular way to whiten your teeth.

In addition, the characteristics of the process that the banana peels touch the surface of the teeth is the same as the massage of the crowns and gums, which eliminates the food scraps in the teeth and helps the oral cavity much more comfortable.

For these reasons, don’t throw it away yet after eating a banana!

2/ How to do banana peel teeth whitening?

You do not need to spend too much time and effort on banana peel teeth whitening. All you need is a strip of ripe banana peel of about 5cm wide and the following way:

♦ Step 1: Brush your teeth normally or rinse your mouth briefly to clean the oral cavity.

♦ Step 2: Rub the inside of the ripe banana peel onto the crown vertically, from the outside to inside, for about 5 minutes or until the inside of the banana skin has been thinned to the outer shell.

♦ Step 3: After brushing your teeth, wait for about 5 minutes; then, rinse your mouth.

♦ Step 4: Rinse your mouth thoroughly and use a toothbrush to dry on the crown in a spiral way so that the plaque of the banana peel is removed.

♦ Step 5: Brush your teeth with a toothpaste after about 30 minutes to whiten teeth with banana peel or Finish with a specialized mouthwash.

Gently rub the inside of the banana peel onto the crown.


+ The outer surface of the banana peel have much resin, do not let it touch on the crowns because it is sticky and very difficult to clean.

+ When rubbing the banana skin, you need to follow the length of the fibers on the banana peel.

+ Do not use unripe banana peels because they contain very little potassium, and get your teeth in trouble because of the banana resin.

+ This method does not cause any side effect, so you can do it at any time, and should do regularly once per day for 2 weeks continuously. Do not forget to compare the color of teeth during 2 weeks.

+ This banana peel also helps to reduce dark bags under eyes, so if you have time, you should also make use of them to cover on the eye area for about 10 minutes per day.

Try putting a banana peel on the eye bags and see the changes!

3/ Is banana peel a good whitening solution?

Being a self-whitening method with natural material, banana peel teeth whitening has small effects in cases of slightly yellowing teeth and yellowing enamel. If you persevere, you will recognize changes in the color of your teeth, but do not expect too much!

In fact, most cases of yellowing teeth come from the inner layer – the dentin layer. If the natural ways can only work externally, it is difficult to whiten the teeth, not to mention the wrong implementation or not re-cleaning the teeth carefully leads to many risks of serious dental disease.

Currently, most customers choose to whiten their teeth with modern technology. The cost is not too high, the color of teeth is maintained for a long time, does not take much time and especially does not cause any impact on oral health are the reasons that Zoom WhiteSpeed ​​technology at Navii Dental Care is pleasing every customer.

Whitening with Zoom WhiteSpeed to achieve the highest efficiency.

You can refer to technology details HERE.

In case you have been too persistent with the method of banana peel teeth whitening but the results are not as expected and need to find a more effective method, you can contact us at the hotline 024.3747.8292 to get direct advice from the dentist!

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