I. How does whitening price fluctuate in 2020?

Teeth whitening prices vary on the market depending on many factors including whitening technology, the original color of teeth, condition of the teeth, the procedure and the doctor’s skill, etc.

So how much is the latest price list for whitening 2020? Let’s find out through the article below.

The whitening packages at Navii Dental Care clinic include:

– Teeth whitening at home: the whitening process will undergo the supervision of specialists through the latest equipment system including: Plasma whitening lamps, Pola Office teeth whitening …

– In-office teeth whitening by Zoom Whitening technology or combined with a tray at home.


1. Latest whitening price list

Whitening by light or laser, the cost varies from VND 1,700,000 to VND 2,200,000; maintaining for 3 – 4 years.

However, whitening by new Zoom White Speed technology at Navii Dental Care, which costs from 4,000,000–5,000,000 VND, could maintain for more than 5 years.

2. The latest techniques of whitening

Currently, at Navii Dental Care, there are 2 techniques of whitening: teeth whitening by tray at home and high-speed whitening by ZOOM WHITESPEED in office. The Zoom Whitespeed is of many customers’ favourites due to so many advantages this method embraces.

➡️ Advantages of whitening Zoom: 100% NO PAIN – SAFETY – HIGHLY WHITE


SAFER for patients and doctors’ eyes: the latest Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed whitening device uses cold LED lighting instead of the previous generation Laser, which helps prevent direct eye contact with the laser.

PAINLESS: Cold LED light does not emit as much heat as Laser, so the tooth and pulp will be less pain and less sensitive.

MORE EFFECTIVE: The effect is more prominent than any other techniques and products. What makes Zoom Whitespeed become outstanding is that the LED light of Zoom White Speed has a high density of brightness, much higher than others on the market.


SUITALBE FOR EVERY CUSTOMER: Zoom White Speed has 3 output levels: light, medium and strong. Therefore, the dentist can adjust the light level to fit every single patient.

Because of the improvements on the Zoom White Speed, this solution is always recommended in the US

II. Teeth whitening price at Navii Dental Care

Zoom White Speed applies the latest technology 2020 which combines with Zoom’s exclusive whitening, creating bright white teeth and confident smiles for customers.

Zoom White Speed is proven to help teeth more white in 45 minutes by the exclusively advanced LED lighting technology at WhiteSpeed. This technology emits the optimum spectrum with greater intensity than other whitening lamps.

The price list for whitening packages 2020

– Whitening At-home: 2,000,000 VND/ 2 jaws

– Zoom whitening in clinic: 4,000,000 VND/ 2 jaws

– Zoom whitening with the trench: 5,000,000 VND / 2 jaws

Whitening at Navii

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